The following is a collection of advocacy organizations, funding sources, media coverage, online tools, and software focused on making cities better, more efficient, and more resilient. The majority are U.S.-based and focused, so we particularly welcome suggestions from other parts of the world. Please email with your suggestions.

City Lab

The Atlantic Cities explores ideas and issues facing today’s global cities, uniting analysis of news, data, policies, and trends.

GOOD Ideas for Cities

GOOD Ideas for Cities, in partnership with CEOs for Cities, convenes civic leaders and citizens to discuss how to improve their communities.

Next City

Next American City connects cities and people working to improve them with ideas, information, and analysis.

NPR Cities Project

The NPR Cities Project is calling on Americans across the country to share stories, sounds, and pictures about the heart of their city.


Planetizen is a website dedicated to ideas, information, and news about urban planning, design, and development worldwide.

Streets Blog Network

The Streets Blog Network is a daily news source connecting people to issues shaping transportation and public life in cities.

Urban Omnibus

Urban Omnibus is an online project of the Architectural League that explores design, city planning, and public life in New York City.