The following is a collection of advocacy organizations, funding sources, media coverage, online tools, and software focused on making cities better, more efficient, and more resilient. The majority are U.S.-based and focused, so we particularly welcome suggestions from other parts of the world. Please email with your suggestions.

The African Centre for Cities

The African Centre for Cities (ACC) is an interdisciplinary research and teaching program focused on the dynamics of urbanization processes in Africa.

American Planning Association

The APA is a U.S.-based membership organization focused on community planning and citizen empowerment.

Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program

The Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings analyzes trends and conducts research on issues impacting cities worldwide.

MIT SENSEable City Lab

SENSEable City Lab is a research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology focused on the past, present, and future of cities.

National Resources Defense Council

The National Resources Defense Council addresses sustainable communities at the neighborhood level, throughout metropolitan regions, and across city systems.