Joshunda Sanders

Remapping the mental urban landscape with memoir

The daughter of a mentally ill mother who often struggled on the streets, Joshunda Sanders tells a story that mirrors so many that go untold — 450 million people throughout the globe struggle with mental illness and an estimated 80% of those in poor countries go untreated. She implores us all to consider: “What does a mentally healthy city look like?”

Writer Joshunda Sanders is remapping our mental urban landscape with memoir

TEDCity2.0 2013 Conference

New York City, USA  ·  September 2013

Dream me. Build me. Make me real. On September 20, 2013, TEDCity2.0 took place at the TimesCenter in New York City. Co-curated and co-hosted by Chris Anderson, John Cary and Courtney Martin, the event surfaced stories of urban ingenuity and interdependence from across the globe, and featured an unexpected mix of over 20 speakers... More Info

TEDCity2.0 2013 Conference
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