Paola Santana

A New Mode for Transportation Where There Are No Roads

Tech entrepreneur Paola Santana paints a picture of the world’s next generation of transportation systems: small, flying vehicles that can deliver goods far beyond the last mile.

Santana is an entrepreneur, lawyer, public policy expert, and the co-founder & COO at Matternet, a Silicon Valley startup creating the world’s next generation transportation system using networks of flying vehicles. Her work aims to create comprehensive regulatory frameworks and commercial ecosystems that will allow this much-discussed technological advancement to have real world impact.

TEDCity2.0 Michelin Salon

Chengdu, China  ·  November 2014

Continuing an important dialogue around cities, TED produced a special The City 2.0 session as part of the opening of Michelin Challenge Bibendum. TED united a range of six diverse speakers from across the globe around the topic of mobility. With thanks to the Michelin Corporate Foundation for their sponsorship, these dynamic... More Info

TEDCity2.0 Michelin Salon
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