Doris Leung

Elderly Transportation Designed for Dignity

Doris Leung first developed a creative approach to transportation to make sure her mother wasn’t isolated, but quickly, her solution spread to serve all of Hong Kong’s elderly and disabled. In this moving story, Doris Leung shows how cities can open their doors to all of the people that live within them.

Doris Leung was working as a broadcast journalist in her native Hong Kong when her mother, suffering from brain cancer, began to experience mobility problems. It inspired her to found a dedicated taxi service, called Diamond Cab, as a social venture to transport elderly in wheelchairs. To date, the company has completed over 70,000 trips.

TEDCity2.0 Michelin Salon

Chengdu, China  ·  November 2014

Continuing an important dialogue around cities, TED produced a special The City 2.0 session as part of the opening of Michelin Challenge Bibendum. TED united a range of six diverse speakers from across the globe around the topic of mobility. With thanks to the Michelin Corporate Foundation for their sponsorship, these dynamic... More Info

TEDCity2.0 Michelin Salon
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