Ananya Roy

Exploring the ingenuity of the world’s most vulnerable

What if our definition of the “world class city” is entirely backwards? What if it is not minted by the most elite, but carved by the most vulnerable? In this stirring and wide-ranging talk, renowned professor Ananya Roy challenges us to re-examine our assumptions about power and place. “It is the urban majority, the urban poor,” she argues, “who are the city-makers of the 21st century.”

Poverty professor Ananya Roy explores the ingenuity of the world’s most vulnerable.

TEDCity2.0 2013 Conference

New York City, USA  ·  September 2013

Dream me. Build me. Make me real. On September 20, 2013, TEDCity2.0 took place at the TimesCenter in New York City. Co-curated and co-hosted by Chris Anderson, John Cary and Courtney Martin, the event surfaced stories of urban ingenuity and interdependence from across the globe, and featured an unexpected mix of over 20 speakers... More Info

TEDCity2.0 2013 Conference
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