Alexander D Hooghe

The universal building

TEDxBrussels · November 2012

Alexander D’Hooghe is associate professor in Architectural Urbanism at MIT. He conducts a research group called Platform for a Permanent Modernity. Alexander runs the Organisation for Permanent Modernity, an architecture and urban design firm seeking radical solutions to the crisis of urban sprawl by seeing a place for the monumental in urban design. To this end they’ve been working on a massive landfill project in South Korea and a masterplan for the conversion of Rekjavik airport. Amid all this big thinking is a series of smaller Scala domestic and civic architecture projects in Belgium, including Police Stations, private villas, Fire Stations and a park. In this time of political and economic uncertainty, and in the face of social turmoil across Europe a new and ambitious vision for the urban landscape is sorely needed.

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