Amanda Boxtel

Walking 2.0: Humanizing Machines with Functionality, Design, & Beauty

When Amanda Boxtel was 24, a skiing accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. She was told that she would never walk again. Yet on-stage, we watch her climb from a wheelchair into a bionic exoskeleton based on the structure of her own muscles. In this unforgettable talk, Amanda reconsiders the future of technology and biology – and what human beauty and movement truly mean.

A skiing accident left her paralyzed and unable to walk on her own for over two decades years. But Boxtel is not a person who takes no for an answer, especially not when technology is creating so many never before seen “yeses.”
Along with engineers from 3D Systems Corporation, Boxtel and the Bridging Bionics Foundation that she directs are demonstrating how exoskeletons and bionic technology are altering the reality of human mobility forevermore.

TEDCity2.0 Michelin Salon

Chengdu, China  ·  November 2014

Continuing an important dialogue around cities, TED produced a special The City 2.0 session as part of the opening of Michelin Challenge Bibendum. TED united a range of six diverse speakers from across the globe around the topic of mobility. With thanks to the Michelin Corporate Foundation for their sponsorship, these dynamic... More Info

TEDCity2.0 Michelin Salon
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